Vacation Pictures

We didn’t spend our entire vacation in the camper with Skye. During her extended catnaps, we hit the trails of Presque Isle. Most of the really great pictures remain only in my mind because I wasn’t quick enough. I missed the small flock of young turkeys that crossed our path. I missed the tiny pine squirrel carrying a walnut that was half again as big as he was. I just hope that wasn’t some sign of how severe our winter is going to be.

We took the free pontoon boat ride, as we do every year. Even with my camera in hand, I missed the swimming squirrel. It cruised along the base of one of the steel piers. I spotted it, but didn’t realize what I was looking at until it climbed the pier and, soggy bushy tail and all, bolted into the weeds.

However, I did get some photos. The turtles sunning on a log hung around long enough for me to fire off several shots of them.

This is the Perry Monument from Misery Bay.

Later, we took a side trip on the bikes to look at the houseboat village.

But the highlight of our biking came on our last ride on our last day in Erie. Hubby was leading the way when he screeched to a stop. I almost rear-ended him. A flock of geese floated just off shore in the bay. But geese are a dime a dozen up there. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was until he pointed to the edge of the woods.

A coyote!

Coyotes tend to be very shy. I’ve caught fleeting glances of them near our house in my headlights when I come home at night. But by the time I realize what it was, like a ghost, it’s gone.

This guy wasn’t shy in the least. A pair of terrified trail-walkers decided to change directions and get the heck outta there. Me? I was too happy to have a willing model. I snapped photos until I realized the coyote was getting a bit too close.

Time to move on.

And time to head home with the photos in my camera and the pictures in my mind.


Sara Bee said…
Wow! Awesome pictures! Wonder why he (or she) was so fearless?
Annette said…
Sara, hubby, of course, has all sorts of theories on that. We stopped at the office and reported the incident to the rangers, who said we weren't the first to have a close encounter with this critter. They were planning to trap it and move it. Wouldn't want some little kid to mistake it for a doggie and try to pet it...
Becky said…
Could be rabies not all rabid animals show aggression. Abnormal behavior can be a sign and I would say this is abnormal behavior. Then again there are people who have wild animals for pets and maybe this one got away.
Annette said…
It wasn't rabies. Animals on this small pennisula see humans all the time and become very used to them. Therefore: no fear. It makes for great photo ops. But when something like a coyote gets a bit too friendly, it's time for change of scenery...for the coyote. That's why they were planning to trap and move him/her.

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