Stop and Smell the Coffee

Our electricity finally came back on yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes we get so busy that the universe slaps us along the head to make us slow down and smell the coffee. I’m grateful this time the slap was a power outage. In the past, it’s been an injury or illness.

During the outage, instead of eating in front of my computer, I started eating outside on the front porch swing. Instead of staring mindlessly at the TV, I read an entire book in just a couple of days. (MAD MOUSE by Chris Grabenstein…excellent!)

However, now that power is back on, I’ve reverted to my hectic life and then some. I’ve caught up on most of my email. I’ve submitted my reports to the Pennwriters Board of Directors for this weekend’s board meeting. I’ve printed copies of my Chapter Seven to take to my critique group meeting.

I signed up for an online mystery writing course. It started this week. So I’m behind on my homework before I even begin.

I may have an appreciation for the lesson of slowing down, but I’m afraid it hasn’t stuck. Or maybe it has. Maybe…just maybe…I’ll have my morning cup of coffee out on the porch swing.


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