Partying and Walking

Friday night was a bit of a family reunion. My Sisters in Crime family, that is. The publication of Rebecca Drake’s third thriller, A Dead Place, was celebrated at Mystery Lovers Bookshop with a gathering of “Siblings” including a number of long-lost “Sisters.”

Nancy Martin was there, back on two feet again. New mom Kristine Coblitz took advantage of a Get Out of Jail Free card to come mingle. Meryl Neiman brought her kids. A lot of our regular gang was there, too: President Martha Reed, Lila Shaara, Tory Butterworth, Sandy Stephen, Mike Crawmer, Gina Sestak, my Pennwriters roomie, Brenda Roger, as well as my future Bouchercon roomie, Joyce Tremel.

Here’s a picture of Mary Alice Gorman introducing Rebecca:

And here’s a shot of some of the Sisters chatting:

Saturday morning, I had to be up and out before dawn for a 5K walk benefiting the Montour Trail. I figured A.) it would be a good thing to support the trail since we use it so much and B.) it would be a good practice in preparation for the 5 MILE walk I’m doing with the Shanti Om Yoga Studio team next weekend to benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

I’ve never done a 5K anything before. I’d love to say I did the 5K run. There was a half-marathon, too. Saying you’re going out for a “run” or doing a 5K “run” sounds much cooler than saying I’m going for a walk. However, I have tried running during my walks this summer. My knees and ankles do not like it. They much prefer walking. And since I try to stay on good terms with my joints, I have settled for the slower mode of transportation.

Still, I must confess my competitive streak kicked in during the 5K walk and I left a number of other walkers in the dust. Not all of them. Just some of them. I’m pleased with my performance.

On the other hand, all I wanted to do the rest of Saturday was to nap. I didn’t. But I did sleep 10 hours Saturday night. And yesterday, my legs felt like lead. I’d say I’m too old for this shit, but there were people there older than I who did the half marathon.

Anyway, I have hopes that since next weekend’s event is just a walk (not combined with a race), perhaps the competitive spark will not rear its ugly head and I can STROLL the five miles.


nancy said…
I'm so impressed that you did the 5K, Annette! Way to go, girl! And it was great to see you Friday night. So many longlost pals--plus Becky's new book!--A great evening.
Kristine said…
I agree! I had so much fun chatting with my sibs and celebrating with Rebecca...who looked exquisite and totally poised, huh?

Congratulations on the 5K, too! What an accomplishment.

Now...what I want to know is...when do we hear all about your ride-along?
Annette said…
Kristine, Wednesday on Working Stiffs, of course!

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