I'm currently without electrical power at home. Our phone line is down, too. Or was. They were working on it when I left home this morning. I have little hope for getting power restored before tomorrow afternoon, if then. I'm in "marathon" mode. We are running our generator for water and to keep the freezer and refrigerator cold. We have the camper and its propane for hot water and the stove and oven. I feel like my life is held together by duct tape.

This is all because of the winds of Hurricane Ike that hit Pennsylvania Sunday night. Plus, we sent all our electric repairmen to Texas to help down there. I'm not begrudging those poor folks a bit. But could we have a few repair guys back?

I'm sitting in a dentist office waiting room, catching a stray wi-fi signal. So until we get our power (and Internet) back up and running OR until my next trip to town, you won't be hearig from me.

Hey, at least our houses and windows survived. We're in better shape than some.


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