Are We There Yet?

It’s become clichéd, that plaintive query uttered on many a road trip, regardless of length.

As I matured, I learned that it was more about the journey than the destination. Stop and smell the roses. Live every moment. A whole new list of clichés.

Well, I’m sorry. Right now I’m sick of this cold, bleak journey to spring. Winter started way too early and refuses to release its gray, icy grip. Invitations are only accepted with the caveat, “weather permitting.” Making plans almost guarantees a snow storm for that date.

I’ve recently noticed a phenomenon of the weather forecasting industry. At some point during the weather forecast, they offer a glimpse of the 14-day weather forecast or “trend.” On the thirteenth day of the bar graph, there is a spike in the temperature. Since currently our thermometer rarely tops the mid twenties, the spike is usually for the high forties. To our collective, frozen souls, this sounds like an excuse to break out the shorts and tank tops. Ah, if we can just make it thirteen more days, relief is in sight.

Liars. Watch that forecast the next day. By all rights, that temperature spike should have moved up a day. But nooooo. Same spike, still on day thirteen. Three days down the snowy road, the spike remains at—you guessed it—day thirteen.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Or on day thirteen if you believe the weathermen.

They play on our desperation. They tease us with promises that always remain just out of reach.

It isn’t fair! I want spring and I want it NOW!

Are we there yet?


Sara said…
On my way home Friday, when it was a balmy 50 degrees, half the folks in traffic had their windows down like it was Summer. And I did see one fellow in shorts. No kidding.
Annette said…
Was that only Friday? Seems so long ago. Sigh. And I saw people in shorts, too.

Then again, I saw a kid in shorts in WalMart when it was 18 degrees out. Go figure.
Kathleen said…
Get ready! More snow is coming our way. It looks like a delay Wednesday morning.

I'm surprised that I'm not yet aching for spring. I'm not ready to give up hibernation.
Kristine said…
I am also at the breaking point, Annette. So tired of the snow and the frigid weather. Spring can't come soon enough.
kathie shoop said…
Hi Annette, your site looks beautiful! I love, love, love cold weather, but this is too cold for me. It is oppressive when it's this cold for this long and while I don't want to wish time away, I too look forward to that teasing spike that never comes to be. Those weather people, boy, they are trouble makers! I just hope it doesn't go from freezing to sweltering with no spring...moving from one oppressive season to another is never happy.

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