Super Bowl Bound

I love the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I’d be the first to admit that there were moments this season when I’d have laughed hysterically at the notion of this team going to the Super Bowl. Fast Willie Parker wasn’t able to get up a good head of steam. Big Ben spent an awful lot of time on his back after being sacked for the umpteenth time. Yeah, our defense was incredible, but there were just too many squeaky wins in the last minutes of the game.

And what Steelers fan can forget the horror of seeing Ben being driven off Heinz Field on a stretcher. The “thumbs up” he gave as he disappeared into the tunnel helped, but how much abuse can one guy take?

In the case of Ben Roethlisberger, apparently a lot. The game against the Chargers was a thing of beauty. It was also the game where I finally thought, Super Bowl? Hmm. Maybe. Just maybe…

The Steelers finally seemed to be clicking on all cylinders. EVERYONE looked good all at the same time. Maybe we were peaking at the precise moment we needed to.

Still, I’ve had my heart broken before. I knew we COULD beat the Ravens. We’d done it before. Twice. This season. But neither victory was impressive. Let’s face it. The Ravens are good. Damn good.

Yesterday’s game was incredible. We looked great. But then the Ravens started getting their act together and made it a horse race. Sorry. Mixing my sports there.

And then along came Troy. Polamalu. He of flowing hair and no ties to gravity. I don’t care how many times I see him leap and run and make plays that should not be able to be made. He absolutely amazes me.

I love Troy Polamalu. It’s okay. My husband already knows. He heard me say it enough times yesterday during the game.

So the Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl bound. Again. It never gets old.

Go Steelers!


Kathleen said…
Yes! That was a good game! Go Pittsburgh!
Sara said…
Is he not incredible!!?? I LOVE to watch him play! He is so sweet when he speaks, too.

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