A Black and White World

I’m not going to whine about the weather today. I’m letting my pictures do all the whining for me. No, these are not black and white photographs. They simply show the complete dearth of color in my world right now.

It’s snowing. Again. This is my view from my bedroom window.

And this is my view from my kitchen window. This is what I see as I wash dishes.

This is a tighter shot, showing my bird feeder. I’ll have you know, THESE cardinals are Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

In this one, I’m standing on my front porch, looking out across the snow-covered road.

This is what is known as good writing weather.


Anonymous said…
Hi Annette,
same here. I'm not even unpacking my camera right now. I get enough cold feet just shoveling snow. Yeah, I'm a bad weather writer and good weather photographer.
Joyce said…
It's pretty bad when the only color in the landscape is a freaking bird.

I noticed a lot of the blogs I frequent have been relatively quiet this week. Everyone must be writing. I've written more this week than I have for awhile, so that's one good thing about the weather.
Bill Crider said…
More like good reading weather. It's bright and sunny here in the swamplands, and 52°.
Donnell said…
Ah, Annette, stay warm and cuddled up with your laptop or a good book!
Kathleen said…
It has been a challenge to take pahots lately. There has been NO light! Until today - did you see the sun today? It was cold, but at least we had some sunshine!
Kathleen said…
pahots??? Oopps... Photos, it is meant to read photos. I better learn to proof!

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