Weathermen lie. They should get jobs as fiction writers. They do their research and then tell a story that is most likely not true. Sounds a lot like how I spend my days.

However, on rare occasions, they get it right. They said it was going to snow and then get cold. Well, DUH. It’s January in southwestern Pennsylvania. At some point, that prediction is bound to come true.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had snow. More of the stuff than we’ve been getting. Usually, the weathermen claim we’re going to get more snow than we’ve had in years. Folks panic and rush to the store to buy toilet paper and milk. As if PennDOT doesn’t own a snow plow. I wasn’t in the store before this particular storm, but I was in my driveway the next morning, shoveling.

Ordinarily, I prefer snow to ice. As a rule, snow is less tricky to drive in and doesn’t pull down trees and power lines.

On the other hand, I don’t have to shovel ice.

The only redeeming feature this cold, snowy morning had going for it was the sunshine. We see sun so rarely in the winter here I almost didn’t mind that it was a whopping five degrees out.


I seem to recall some months ago, lamenting about being busy and dreaming of being snowed in. The only problem is that we’re never REALLY snowed in. When it snows THAT much, we have to shovel driveways. The idea of being truly snowed in to the point where all I have to do is write is a myth. A fantasy.

Remind me of that the next time I wish for snow.


Sara said…
I've been getting more & more irrationally mad at the news & weather. If we all did our jobs to those standards of accuracy......

I remember that beautiful sunshine! Spectacular!

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