A New Path

For ten years, I have taught yoga at the yoga studio in Houston, PA. I've loved almost every minute of it. I adore my students and I think I'm a pretty fair teacher. However for the last few years, I've felt more and more like I had one foot in one world (yoga) and another foot in a different world (mystery writer) and the crevice between the two was gradually drifting apart. I couldn't give either career my full attention.

Today, over at Working Stiffs I talk about the decision I've reached to become a full time writer. It's not been an easy choice and I didn't make it lightly. Come on over and join the disscussion of choices and changes.


Sara said…
I think the titles you chose for both of these blog posts and your relieved and upbeat tone say it all.
I'm happy for you! I'd say you made a good decision for yourself.
Annette said…
Plus, I now will have all my evenings free this summer to go riding!
Kristine said…
I'm proud of you, Annette, and wishing you the best. You're going to do GREAT.

Happy (full-time) Writing!
babs m said…
Congrats on your brave choice! Good luck!!!

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