Working Stiffs Wednesday

Last week, a con artist talked his way into my mom's house claiming to be with the water company. I'm sharing this cautionary tale of being scammed over at Working Stiffs today.


Sara said…
OMG! I'm soooo glad your mom's ok. That's creepy as hell.
Because they had to have been doing a little observation to choose her house over yours or the neighbors, right? And what do you do to deter them now?
Makes me mad *and* worried.
Annette said…
Yes, it was troublesome that they didn't go to the neighbor where the guy works from home all day. Nor did he come here where he would have encountered psycho crazed mystery writer chick. Instead, he showed up where the little old lady lives.

Mom has orders to keep her doors locked and do NOT open it unless she knows who it is on her porch. If a stranger comes to her door now, she has orders to call 911 and tell the police there's someone suspicious outside. This comes from the police chief himself. He knows the situation and is keeping an eye out for her, too.

Mad? Worried? Oh, yeah.

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