Pennwriters Conference Updates

My duties as Pennwriters Conference Coordinator have kept me on my toes this week. (Last week. The week before. Last month. You get the idea.) The brochure has been at the top of my priority list for over a month and it finally hit mailboxes this week. I sat there and looked at my copy, thinking, “This is real. It really IS a conference. It really IS going to happen.”

So of course, now that the schedule is in print and in the hands of potential registrants, changes happen. We have a new editor added to the line-up. If this is something that interests you, sorry. You have to wait until next week before I make the announcement. I need my committee to get up to speed before I climb on the roof to shout the good news.

I’m also adding Mary Jo Rulnick to the line-up of speakers. So the schedule that I’ve worked so tirelessly on is about to be revised.

Hey, I’m not complaining. I love ADDING people to the list of presenters. After spending a large part of the past year having agents and editors turn me down or accept and then change their minds, having people WANT to participate is a joy.

And in case anyone out there was thinking about submitting for the Fiction Intensive Workshop to be held the day before the conference, but thought about it so long that you missed the deadline, listen up. We still have slots available. Click here for details. Just disregard the deadline and send your submission ASAP.


Kathleen said…
I got my copy of the brochure and it looks great! I'm glad things are coimg together for you - and the conference!

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