You Can't Go Home Again

Sunday, I went for a walk. The purpose was two-fold. One: Get some much needed exercise and outdoor time after a long spell of being snowed in and couped up. Second: Get some photographs for yesterday's Working Stiffs blog about Groundhog Day. I hadn't expected the local groundhogs to be awake yet. They aren't that stupid. And they didn't disappoint me. Where I knew there were holes, at this time of year there were merely indentations in the snow.

While I was strolling with my camera, I took some additional pictures around the old farm. This is the farm my grandparents and great grandparents owned. I spent a large part of my childhood in this house.

It seemed bigger back then. And in better repair.

Same with the barn. I loved this barn.

What is even sadder is the fact that I live right across the road from this farm. I have to look at these buildings every day. It's better in the summer when the trees are in leaf. I can't see as much of it then.


Kathleen said…
Oh, the old building looks so sad. I'm grateful that your memories of better days on the farms are happy ones.

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