Photo Friday: Brrrr!

Nothing quite says "COLD" like a frozen lake.

This is the Yough Lake just above our camp in Confluence.


Jemi Fraser said…
Nice! No ice fishing shacks to ruin the landscape either. :)
Annette said…
I know, Jemi. I was a little surprised by that.
Mason Canyon said…
Brrrr is the right word, but it's still beautiful.
Hywela Lyn said…
That is so beautiful. I love snowy landscapes, we don't get that much snow in the UK, I know it can be a real nuisance, but it's so pretty in the countryside.

(I just read your bio from a link on Sharon Donovan's blog, and your childhood was so much like mine - riding imaginary horses until I was able to buy one of my own. I still have two horses although I don't ride as much as I used to.)
Annette said…
Welcome, Lyn! I still ride a little, but there's never enough time for it.

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