We've had a bit of a snow storm here. HA! I love the art of understatment.

Here are two shots taken from my front porch yesterday morning.

And here are two taken through my bedroom window this morning.

It's pretty when you're on the inside looking out. When you're outside, up to your knees and shoveling for three hours, it loses its appeal.


Jemi Fraser said…
Perspective is everything! From this angle, the photos are absolutely gorgeous! Nothing prettier than a layer of fresh snow.

I know exactly how you feel about the shovelling - I live in Northern Ontario :)
Donnell said…
Sure is pretty looking out from your window, eh, Annette. Shoveling and getting out in it is a different matter. Perfect day to watch the Superbowl. Hot soup and stay warm!
Annette said…
Jemi, you make me realize I shouldn't whine about the stuff. Of course, if I lived in Northern Ontario, you can bet I'd own a snow plow.

Donnell, homemade minestrone is on tonight's menu along with garlic bread and a salad. Go Saints! (You can take the Steelers out of the Superbowl, but you can't take the black and gold out of the Pittsburgh football fan.)
Amazing! Keep warm. We are due to have more here in England, I just hope it not as much as you've just had.
Annette said…
It is amazing, Jarmara. Stepping off the front porch into nearly thigh-high snow is quite an experience.
Mason Canyon said…
The photos are wonderful. As long as you don't have to go out in it. I'm not a snow person, but I do enjoy looking at photos. Stay warm.
VR Barkowski said…
Beautiful, Annette.
Sara said…
hee! Looks like the bushes were trying to find their way out of the snow and into the house.

What a pain, but it sure is pretty. Did I mention we've got power?!?! Woohoo!
Annette said…
YAY! Sara, I'm so happy for you. Sure makes you appreciate all the little conveniences electricity provides.

As for the bushes, I don't know if they were trying to come inside, but they sure made it challenging to get OUTSIDE. Not only were they snow covered, they were ICED into that shape. I just hope they survive.

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