Photo Friday: SAD kitty

I've long insisted that I suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), but this year I seem to have company. Skye kitty has been acting a bit depressed, too. She's recently been to the vet for her upset tummy and the new prescription diet has solved that issue, so I don't believe that she's sick. She doesn't act or look ill. She just seems to have the blahs. Like me. I truly believe that some sun and warmth will cheer us both up.


VR Barkowski said…
Aw! She's beautiful, Annette.

Our kitty's very, very ill. We're in hospice mode. Don't know what we're going to do with out her. :(
Jemi Fraser said…
The sun is a powerful thing - no wonder so many cultures worship it!
Annette said…
VR, I'm so sorry. I've been in your shoes. My soulmate kitty, Samantha, passed away a little over two years ago after battling cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). I rescued Skye a month later, but it can be debated as to who rescued whom. Sending you and your furbaby cyberhugs.

Jemi, the sun finally came out today and it was amazing what a difference it made!
Mason Canyon said…
Love the photo, she so cute. I think the sun will help all of us.
Sara said…
Does this have anything to do with her 'boyfriend?'
Even when she's blue, she's cute.
Annette said…
Alas, Sara, I believe it does. They seem to have had a lovers' spat and he rarely comes to call anymore. He does, however, rub all over me when I go to the barn and then Skye sniffs up my barn clothes when I come back inside. There's definitely some communication going on that I'm not privvy to.

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