Right Brain Left Brain

More years ago than I care to count, I attended a wedding photography seminar. That was back in the days when I ran a business called Dashofy Photography. I remember very little about the workshop other than the speaker was from New Orleans and had a marvelous accent. And I remember one point he made.

He discussed how wedding photographers running their own business had to use both the right side and the left side of their brains. Left side for business. Right side for creativity. He painted a mental picture of a switch on the tops of our heads that we had to flip back and forth. Frequently. He said if you weren’t careful, you’d be like him and would wear a hole up there. (He was bald!)

I haven’t done wedding or portrait photography for years. But that right brain/left brain thing has stuck with me. Instead of photographs, I’m writing stories. Creative. Right brain. But writing and publishing is a business. Left brain.

Plus, I’m now working as an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. Playing with the new products is very creative. Right brain. But all the orders and record keeping? Definitely left brain.

I fear my switch will wear out.

As for which side of my brain is dominant, I have no clue. I love the creative side of life. I get downright cranky and mean if I don’t get my writing time on any given day. BUT there have been times when the words weren’t flowing and figuring out what to do next left me yearning to work on my income and expense reports. On those days, left brain is just EASIER.

This morning, the focus has been on business. Avon orders. Following up on last night’s Sisters in Crime meeting. Handling my Pennwriters area rep duties.

This afternoon, I’d darned well better spend a couple of hours on my manuscript or the right side of my brain is going to explode.


Joyce said…
I mentioned this left brain/right brain stuff just the other day, and my son the neuroscientist said it was a bunch of hogwash (except he used a stronger word than hogwash).

He then went into an explanation of brain anatomy and MRIs and I'm not sure what else because the left side of my brain tuned him out.
Jemi Fraser said…
I tend to flip between right & left as well. Depends on my mood and the task at hand. Whenever I'm in creative mode, I can almost hear my dad sigh - he was a very linear thinker :)
VR Barkowski said…
I consider it a good day if I can get either side of my brain to work.

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