Writing Must Come First

Everyone makes goals and resolutions on New Years Day. But there is one other day that motivates me to revisit and revise those goals.

The day I meet with my accountant to get my tax returns done.

That happened this week. He tends to ask questions like how much money do I think I’m going to make this year with my writing.

I hear all you other writers out there laughing hysterically. Yeah, I wanted to do that, too, but I contained myself.

But the questions did make me do a lot of thinking. And the conclusion I’ve come to (again) is that I waste too much time. Well, not waste, exactly. I spend too much time doing stuff that others want me to do instead of what I need to do. If I intend to make my accountant happy and MAKE MORE MONEY at writing this year than last, I need to WRITE.

Big a-ha moment there.

Remember when I was making my list of goals for 2010, I mentioned one that I couldn’t reveal yet? Here’s the story. I terminated my contract with my agent. I’ve sent the certified letter. Still haven’t heard anything from her. Which sort of shows you why I’m terminating the contract in the first place. Anyhow, the previously unrevealed goal is therefore to jump back into the agent query pit. Not where I wanted to be, but it’s necessary.

What’s even more necessary is to FINISH THE REVISIONS so that I have something to pitch. Allowing myself to be distracted—even for good causes—is not conducive to fulfilling that goal.


I’m regrouping.

I’m refocusing. On writing. It is now bumped back to the top of my priority list where it belongs.

I’m rescheduling. Literally. If my day is filled with yoga classes, Avon deliveries, and/or lunch with friends I must get up earlier so that I can get some writing done FIRST.

Writing must come FIRST. My new mantra.

I’m nowhere near on track with my goal of having the second draft done by mid March. But I’m putting it here in writing. I WILL meet that goal. I also intend to have the final draft (HA! As if there is such a thing) finished by the Pennwriters Conference in May so that I can pitch it there.

No excuses allowed.


Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like you've got a plan of action. That's the first step. The next will be hard, but you can do it. You're determined and that's what it takes. Sounds like the agent has been gone for awhile. :) Now you will find the right agent for you and that will help even more. Best of luck.
Joyce said…
I'm trying to do the same thing. I'd like to have my first draft done by the end of March and revisions done in time for the conference.
Annette said…
Joyce, maybe we need to check in with each other each week to keep ourselves accountable.

Mason, I'm nothing if not determined. And you're right about the agent thing.
Joyce said…
Sounds like a good idea! I wrote 15 pages this week, which is 5 short of my goal of 20. But it's much better than I had been doing.
Sara said…
You can do it!

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