Baltimore or Bust

At some point last year, I had a list of writing conferences I planned on attending in 2008. A long list. I was saving my pennies to cover expenses and making pretty good headway in that department.

Then there was the episode last month with no Internet that required a large outpouring of cash for a new satellite dish. My conference fund suddenly vanished in to the hands of my new Internet provider.

So I’m paring down the list. A lot.

The Romantic Times Convention is coming to Pittsburgh in April. I’ve heard such wild tales about that one that I really wanted to see it for myself. And the fact that it’s going to be right here, thirty miles from my front door, made this the ideal year to go.

Well, probably not. It’s rather on the pricey side. I’m not writing it off completely, buy right now, it doesn’t look promising.

I attended Malice Domestic a couple years ago and LOVED it. I have promised myself that as soon as I have a book contract, I will go back. Here it is: 2008. No book contract yet. No Malice Domestic this year.

I WILL attend the Pennwriters Conference in May. I have no excuse. As a member of the board, I get a discount. Besides, I’m the coordinator of the freebies table. I HAVE to go.

Up for debate is the West Virginia Writers Conference in June. I have it on my calendar. It’s one I’ve never been to, but since I joined the organization and since my novels are set in West Virginia, I’d like to go.

Which brings me to the one conference I do dearly want to attend in 2008. Bouchercon. Like the Romantic Times Convention, it’s one that I’ve heard much about. No scantily clad bronze young men trying to be the next Fabio, mind you, but lots of the industry’s big names schmoozing. Last year, Bouchercon was held in Alaska. I was REALLY hoping for a big book contract so I could justify the expense of going to that one. Oh, well. THIS year, it’s in Baltimore. The home of Edgar Allen Poe. And Laura Lippman. Who happens to be the American Guest of Honor this year. I had pretty much made up my mind to skip it due to the financial thing, but now my hope has been rekindled. I’ve made tentative plans to travel with my friend and fellow Working Stiff, Joyce Tremel. We’re both in the same boat: two manuscripts with our agents, in search of a publisher.

And I have a couple of potential money-making opportunities in the works for the next two months. My conference fund might just get restored enough to cover the trip. Especially if we’re splitting travel and lodging expenses.

So my motto for 2008 is Baltimore or Bust! Look out Bouchercon. The Working Stiff girls are coming!


Joyce said…
Sheryl Nantus said…
I hear your pain on the RT convention - I'd love to go, but I just can't justify those prices...


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