Starting Anew

We may be an entire week into the New Year, but for me, today feels like a new beginning. Last week I was still finishing up 2007 stuff and playing catch-up after the holidays. Today, it’s time to get serious. And there are plenty of new things on my plate to keep me busy.

New yoga session: I started back last Thursday, but I’m still formulating my class plan for the next eight weeks. Planning a yoga session is a lot like outlining a new novel for me. I must decide where I want to be at the end of the eight weeks and plot out how best to get there. What easier poses help prepare the body for the more challenging poses I want to present a few weeks from now.

New novel: And while I’m plotting my yoga classes, I am now officially ready to get to work plotting the new novel. It’s been rumbling around in my head, but I’m now sufficiently excited about it to start filling a new notebook with ideas on new characters, locations, motivation, victims, and suspects.

New marketing course: Months ago, I signed up for MJ Rose’s Buzz Your Book online marketing course and the first lesson arrived in this morning’s email. I hope to build a marketing plan for the two novels already in my agent’s hands as well as gaining the knowledge to create future marketing plans for future novels. Like the one I’m beginning to outline today.

New duties: My local Sisters in Crime chapter meets tonight for the annual elections and I seem to have lost my mind and volunteered to take the office of Vice President. On top of area rep for Pennwriters and the role of 2009 Pennwriters Conference Coordinator. As if I don’t have enough to do…

And if I’m going to keep up with my goals for 2008, I’d better start thinking about a new short story.

Yikes! I’ve got a busy day/week/month ahead of me!


Joyce said…
Annette, you'll do fine as VP. There's not much to it: fill in for the pres when she's absent. Maybe come up with a meeting or workshop idea once in awhile and help plan it.

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