Lost: One Desk

I’ve lost my desk. Again. I’m sure it’s under that pile of papers somewhere, but I can’t be sure.

I’m not talking about my computer desk, although it’s only slightly better. No, I have a second desk (actually a table that I use as my writing desk) in my office and it has become buried.

Two weeks ago, I cleaned it off. Filed everything in its appropriate place. Threw stuff out. Made two neat, small piles of what was left. It was a thing of beauty.

Now, you’d never know. As I mentioned last week, I’m good busy. My desk shows the strain. Here are some examples of what is currently piled on it and threatening to tumble to the floor:

Pages of notes and printed-out hard copies of e-mail communications from my freelance client. I have a file for the project in my file organizer, but some of the latest stuff hasn’t made it that far yet.

AAA Tour book for Ohio and printed out reservation confirmations for my upcoming trip to teach at a writer’s retreat at the Twinsburg Library next month.

A rejection letter that needs to be filed in my putrid green rejection folder.

A stack of greeting cards that I bought to have on hand for various occasions.

A notebook containing ideas for the new novel.

A notebook containing notes from several mystery writing workshops I’ve taken.

Magazines that I want to research submissions guidelines for.

Research materials for the previously mentioned writer’s retreat.

Newsletters from Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

Assorted Pennwriters stuff (representative’s handbook, conference brochures)

An order form to join Writer’s Digest Book Club (get four books for only $11.99—plus shipping and handling)

And a stack of odds and ends: CDs, operating instructions for small kitchen appliances, etc. In other words, stuff that doesn’t belong in my office, but have found their ways in here anyway.

There’s also stuff that IS supposed to be there like my appointment book, a lamp that stores pens, stamps and sticky notes in its base and a few other desk organizer things.

I may get around to digging out my desk one of these days. But not today. Today, I just keep shoving the piles toward the center so they don’t crash onto the floor.

What’s your desk look like?


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