Good busy

As anyone who follows my exploits in this blog knows, last year was not a really good year for me. I was busy, but in a bad way. Busy with funerals, busy with hospitals, busy with doctors’ appointments, busy with veterinary appointments. In other words: BAD busy.

Twice last year, I signed up for online courses. Mid-way through the first one, which I can't even remember the topic, my dad took a turn for the worst and passed away. I never did complete the course.

Then I tried again. I signed up for a Kills, Chills, and Thrills online workshop. That month, my cousins were in that horrific car crash and I spent a great deal of time visiting the neurological ICU instead of keeping up with my lessons. I still have all those lessons saved and plan to at least read them sometime soon. I’ve been saying that since last March. But I will. Honest.

After that, I flat out refused to sign up for any online courses no matter how appealing they might be. But it’s a new year and I’m tempting fate. In a big way. I really need this Buzz Your Book marketing course that I’m currently taking. And I figured if I broke the piggy bank for it, I’d be more likely to finish the course. Come Hell or high water.

But I admit, I’ve been slinking around, keeping my head down. I knew something was going to come up to make it difficult to focus on my studies.

This weekend, a freelance writing assignment was offered to me. Okay! If I’m going to be distracted, at least I’m getting paid for it! Now THIS is GOOD busy.

So I’m implementing my time management skills to work on both this new gig AND my marketing homework. AND keep up with blogging. AND keep up with my Pennwriters Area 3 Rep duties. AND work on the plot of the new book.

I like being this kind of busy.

But I’m still keeping my head down.


Joyce said…
Great news about the freelance gig! Congrats!

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