Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is a grand thing. Take today for example. It’s Monday. I try to post something here on Mondays. Usually, something happens over the weekend that I can create a post from.

I spent this weekend in meetings. Interesting meetings. Interesting to me and to the others in attendance. Probably not interesting to anyone else.

So all day, I’ve been looking for inspiration. I watched the birds outside my kitchen window. I listened to the snow melting off the roof and drip, drip, dripping in the downspout.


I’d about given up and decided to hope for a more interesting life tomorrow when divine intervention dropped something in my lap. Okay, my friend, Joyce, isn’t actually divine, but her e-mail stuck joy in my heart on so many levels.

She sent me a link to an application for the Pittsburgh Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy.

Another friend of mine, Donnell Bell, has attended the Citizen’s academy in her own home town and told me wonderful tales about it. And now, here it is.

Not only is this divine intervention because it gives me something cool to write about in my blog, but because I really NEED this kind of research for my next novel. The one that I have pages and pages of notes about. The one that is banging around, ever louder, in my brain demanding to be written. The one I haven’t actually STARTED writing yet because I need to do research. On police officers.

This is what is known as PERFECT TIMING.

There is one potential hitch. I don’t know yet if there is a residency requirement. If this Citizen’s Academy is only open to Pittsburgh city residents, I’m out. Ordinarily, I love living in the country. At the moment, not so much.

So, I wait to hear back about my residency inquiry. Cross your fingers for me.


Joyce said…
What do you mean I'm not divine???
Annette said…
I KNEW I was sticking my foot in it on that one.

While you are devastatingly exquisite, darling, I still stop short of calling you God-like, which is what I meant by divine for fear that She might strike me dead with a lightning bolt or something.

Now, if we were talking divine like the Divine Miss M (love Bette Midler), then YES you are definitely devilish divine.
Joyce said…
Well, I guess I'll settle for Queen. As long as I can have minions.
Annette said…
You got it.

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