Friday at Bouchercon

Here are some photos from Friday at Bouchercon. Joyce and I started the day at Lee Lofland's panel:

Here's a shot of Joyce, Paula Matter, and Rebecca Drake:

I attended the Sisters in Crime Guppies lunch and took these pictures:

Joyce and I took advantage of the lovely weather this afternoon and set out on foot to the Inner Harbor. Baltimore may have some very gritty and dangerous areas, but there are also some spots that are absolutely lovely. The Inner Harbor is one of those places:

This street artist was a real hoot:

Joyce and I were supposed to take the ghost tour of Fells Point this evening. But there wasn't a parking space to found for blocks around. We drove around and around and when it became clear that we'd missed the tour, we returned to the hotel and set up camp in the bar. While there we spent some time visiting with Nancy Martin and Felicia Donovan. Here's a shot of Felicia and Joyce:


RhondaL said…
Thanks for the photos. Always good to see my Guppy pals.

And doncha just love those colorful dragon boats in the Harbor?
Kathleen said…
Oh, the harbor. It is gorgeous! If you have the chance, visit the aquarium. It is AMAZING! The stingray tank is a spiritual experience. Have fun!
Annette said…
I love it here! I wish I had the time (and the energy) to tour the aquarium and ride the dragon boats and tour the USS Constellation. May have to come back to just be a tourist on a REAL vacation, rather than a working one.
Kathleen said…
I'm so glad you are having a great conference! I want to hear ALL the details when you get home!

FYI - I've got a special post Sunday. It is good to be blogging again. :-D

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