Saturday at Bouchercon

I realize I've been posting pictures more than writing about Bouchercon and today is no different. The problem is my brain is so overwhelmed it's ready to explode. So enjoy the photos and I promise to write about the event after I get home and caught up on my sleep. It's been an overwhelming week and weekend.

Here are some panel pictures. The first one included my dear friend, Rebecca Drake on the far right:

Here are some of my dining companions this evening: Heather Graham, Bill Cameron, Shane Gericke, Kelli Stanley, and Joyce Tremel:

Here's Lee Lofland and Alexandra Sokoloff:

And here I am with Lee:

And here are some of the gang hanging around in Shula 2's, where Bouchercon attendees meet to dine and drink:

Tomorrow, things wrap up and we head home. I hate to see it end, but I admit it--I miss my cat!


Meredith Cole said…
Thanks for posting such lovely pictures! It was such a great weekend, and I'm glad so many guppies were there.

CheSol said…

Thanks for the memories! You also have excellent taste in subjects. Besides the lovely and talented Meredith Cole, you captured my favorite (and the funniest) pin-up boys, Chris Grabenstein and Jeff Cohen, fellow members of the New-Jersey-based- Mysteries Mafia.

Hope to meet YOU sometime...

Cheryl Solimini
Annette said…
There were so many folks there I wanted to meet. I was glad I had a chance to chat with Meredith a bit. And I managed to gush all over Chris Grabenstein, whose books I LOVE. I didn't get a chance to actually talk to Jeff Cohen and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet and talk with you, Cheryl. Next time!
Kelli Stanley said…
Annette, thanks for a great dinner and some wonderful photos (and memories!) :)

It was a wonderful, wonderful Bouchercon ... I so enjoyed getting to meet you in person!! See you on Facebook (virtual equivalent of Shula's!) ;)


Annette said…
Except that the virtual bar at Facebook gets the receipts right!

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