You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

Late last week, Hubby came down with some sort of bug. We’re not sure if it was one of the flu strains going around or “just” a cold. Whatever the brand, the result was one sick and miserable human being. I knew right away I didn’t want it, whatever IT was. We made some ground rules. Lots of hand washing. He used the phone in the living room, while I used the one in my office. The bedroom experienced frequent shots of Lysol spray. And if you want to jump into the stock market, buy stock in Clorox wipes. I’ve been keeping the germ-fighting economy afloat all weekend.

Saturday, I dosed him with NyQuil, sent him to bed, and I went to a horse show. I hoped the cool, fresh air would cleanse me of any germs clinging to my skin. Or the inside of my nose. It was a peewee show. Little kids on ponies. The cuteness factor is off the chart at these things. And my friend, Jessi’s little boy won two blue ribbons. It was a fun day.

Yesterday, we had a family get together. Hubby stayed home. Again, I hoped the time out of our germ-infested house would serve as an opportunity to flush the cold bugs from my system before they got a toe-hold.

But I’m sure you all know where this is going. Last night, I developed a scratchy sensation in the back of my throat. Overnight, it has developed into a sore throat. We won’t discuss my sinuses.

At least this didn’t happen before or during Bouchercon.

Alas, in spite of my best efforts, I am coming down with whatever virus has been haunting our home for days. I’m trying to stay positive. It hasn’t eaten into my brain cells yet leaving me in a sleep-deprived zombie state. So I have hopes of suffering through it at my computer. Sorry, I have to cancel my dental cleaning. I’m sick. But I can still write.

I am not unaware of the very real possibility that I may end up feeling so miserable that the best I can do is sit in front of the TV watching soap operas and reruns on Retro TV Network. If I’m reduced to curling up under my afghan (the same one hubby has turned into a toxic lump of yarn), hopefully I’ll still have enough functioning gray matter to at least read. Reading is like comfort food when I’m sick. It’s a great consolation prize. Okay, so I was sick as a dog and I made no progress in my writing, and the house looks like a hurricane just roared through, BUT I read THREE books!

Time will tell. And the fact that hubby is feeling better gives me hope that this isn’t going to be one of those long drawn out ordeals.

I hope.


Joyce said…
Get thee to the drug store and get Zinc, Vitamin C, and Echinacea. While not a cure-all, they definitely help keep down the symptoms, especially the zinc.

I like your new header!
Annette said…
I am planning a trip to the drug store this afternoon to restock the medicine cabinet. Seems my Benedryl is past its "use by" date, too.

Glad you like the new header. That really is my bookshelf. One of them, anyway.
Kathleen said…
I hope you and Ray are on the mend right away! Take advantage of he down time with a few of those books on your shelf. I like your new header, too. You've turned the page from horses to books...
Annette said…
Not entirely, Kathleen. The horses still reside over on my website.

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