Good-bye, Baltimore

The final day of any writing conference is a bit sad. There is lots of hugging and well-wishes as we say our good-byes. This morning was no different.

Bleary-eyed, Joyce and I ran into the lovely Hank Phillippi Ryan in Starbucks and we had this picture taken. Sunday morning after five days at Bouchercon and she still looks GREAT.

I'm home again and looking forward to a good eight hours of sleep in my own bed with no city sounds. Tomorrow, I will put my experience into words to go with the pictures I've been sharing. Unil then...GOOD NIGHT!


Hi Annette--what a terrific photo! (As a very nice compliment.)Thank you so much. It was lovely to meet you and Joyce, although I felt as if I already knew both of you from our internet lives and blogs.

And yes, I'm smiling--what better could happen on a Sunday morning to have a huge latte in the works, and then to see two new amd wonderful friends. (And have a staggering number of free books ready to be shipped home...)
Annette said…
Hank, I know what you mean about feeling like we already knew each other. It's like meeting old friends for the first time.

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