Conference Countdown: Monday

Progress Report:

The main thing is I’m not insane yet.


Sunday I managed to calm down. It helped that a couple of my friends have offered excellent suggestions for my query letter. It takes a village.

It also helped that I managed to find some quiet time and hammered out a pitch that I think will work for me. In other words: it’s simple enough, even I can remember it.

Today I presented my final two chapters to my face-to-face critique group. I have a couple of minor things to fix, but overall, they liked how I wrapped it all up.

I have my materials packed for the Thursday Intensive.

Still to do: Figure out what I will wear. Pack the selected outfits. Revise the manuscript. (Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll be working on revisions in my hotel room at the conference. Revisions are NEVER done.) Practice the pitch. (Yeah, I’ll be doing that in my hotel room, too.) Load the car.

You know, I might just make it.


Jemi Fraser said…
The countdown really begins now - you must be so excited! I'm glad you're happy with the query. And revisions are never truly done, so don't get stressed about that! :)
Mason Canyon said…
You will make it. Your plan is working and you will nail the revisions (even if it is in the hotel room). Best of luck.

Thoughts in Progress
I felt the same kind of crazy right before Malice Domestic. I ended up just making a list of all the little odds and ends I needed to do then knocking them out the first thing one day...made me feel I'd accomplished something really early in the day. :)
Joyce said…
Am I the only one who's calm going into this conference?
Annette said…
Joyce, YES.

I just had a 3-hour block of time open up today, though, so the stress level has plummeted.

Elizabeth, I have two lists because I ran out of room on the sheet of paper for the first one.

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