Report from the Conference: Friday

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast this morning with my roommate, Joyce, and Lisa Kastner, outgoing Pennwriters president. With my agent pitch looming and not enough sleep, I struggled to stay calm while ODing on caffeine.

First up was CJ Lyons’s workshop on pitching, which didn’t do a whole lot to settle my nerves. It gave me lots of material for my NEXT pitch, but this one was too ingrained in my faulty memory to make any huge alterations.

As soon as the workshop ended, I headed upstairs to the room where my appointment was scheduled. BREATHE, I reminded myself. BREATHE the timekeeper echoed. I stood at the door, took one more big breath, and plunged in.

It was great. We chatted about my story. The ten minutes was up before I knew it. I left with her card and a request for the full manuscript.

That’s the best I could hope for. If she reads it and doesn’t like it, fine. At least it had a chance.

Afterwards, I discovered that I’d locked my key in my room. The whole getting-a-replacement thing took my mind off my news for a while. But then it was time for high-fives, handshakes, and hugs.

Lunch was held in the gorgeous courtyard. Honest, I will post photos at some point.

Two more programs rounded out the afternoon: one on conflict led by Tim Esaias, and the agent panel.

Now it’s time to unwind for a bit before showering and getting into my little black dress and pearls for the keynote dinner…probably the ONLY time I’ll get to “dress up” this year.


Jemi Fraser said…
Congratulations!! That's fabulous news - you're right that's the best possible scenario. You must be floating :)

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