Pennwriters Conference in Pictures: Part Two

I kept raving about my room. Here are a few shots of the suite I shared with roomie Joyce Tremel at the conference.

This is the living room. We had to vacate the premises during the day so Pennwriters could use this room for agent/editor appointments. The rest of the time, this was Joyce's abode.

The kitchen area shared the hallway with a pair of sinks in a marble counter. Refrigerator, microwave, lots of counter and cabinet space.

My favorite part of the room was this shower. It's not really leaning. That's the drawback of using a wide angle lense in tight spaces. Although truthfully, it wasn't all that tight. I contemplated chiseling out that shower and taking it home with me.

Then there was the master bedroom. Nice. The hotel provided turn down service and chocolate coins each night. I could get used to this!

Now, to pick up where I left off. I attended the open read and critique session only briefly Friday night. Exhaustion reared its ugly head, so I called it a night.

Saturday morning began with the general membership meeting at breakfast. This is our incoming president Carol Silvis.

I had another agent appointment right after breakfast. It went well. If I did enough of these things, I might actually relax during them.

Okay, not likely.

At lunch, Catherine McLean won the Meritorious Service Award.

Conference Coordinator Ayleen Stellhorn introduced lunch keynote speaker, Elizabeth Kann, co-author of Pinkalicious adn Purplicious.

I spent some time Saturday afternoon just chilling in the Hospitality Suite. This is our treasurer, the very hard working Jackie Shaffmaster.

Here, conference attendees read and vote on the "In Other Words" contest.

We were on our own for dinner, so our local gang of Sisters in Crime made plans to meet at the Garfield's Restaurant in the hotel. We invited a few special guests to join us including Ramona Long and agents Jennifer Jackson and Janet Reid. We took over one corner of the place and had a raucous good time.

I know you're all eager to see the pictures of the Masquerade Party, especially the shark, but you'll have to come back tomorrow for those.


Mason Canyon said…
I can understand why you're raving about the room. It looks great. Sounds like the conference has been great too. Oh, can't wait to see the shark.

Thoughts in Progress
Jemi Fraser said…
Wow - that's an awesome hotel room! Definitely would be easy to get used to!

You had such a variety of experiences - and met such interesting people! Awesome :)
Ayleen said…
How cool to have a photo of that shower to share with my family. I was having a hard time describing it. Anxious to see your pix from the masquerade!

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