Conference Countdown: Saturday

My to-do list for today was quite simple: Work on my pitch/query.

And laundry. It would be good to have clean clothes to pack.

Of course, distraction and procrastination popped into the equation in the form of Fred and Ethel. And Lucy and Ricky. No, I wasn’t watching classic TV. Fred and Ethel are a pair of geese that nest along our creek every year. Lucy and Ricky nest on the neighboring farm. Sometimes they visit and get into a squawking contest. Such was the case this morning, so I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos from my backyard.

Don’t ask me who is whom. And don’t ask me how I know they’re the same geese year after year. I don’t know. I just always say, “Fred and Ethel are back!”

After I retreated back inside my cave, I spent the bulk of the day writing a short synopsis. Short. As in half a page. From that I hoped to pull out bits and pieces to make a query letter and my pitch. But after staring at it for hours, I have nothing but contempt for it. Time to call it a day. With any luck, the work I did today will look better tomorrow.


Jemi Fraser said…
Those photos are great. We get a ton of the geese here - they can be a little spooky in crowds.

I'm sure the synopsis isn't as bad as it feels right now! :)
Mason Canyon said…
Great photos and Fred, Ethel, Lucy and Richy seems to fit so well. In the light of a new day your synopsis will be everything you need and everything will fall in place.

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