Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s difficult to comprehend that I’ve spent three years on this manuscript. I’ve never taken that long to write a single novel before. Of course, there were a couple of interruptions in the process, including Mom’s multiple hip surgeries and extensive recovery, and coordinating the 2009 Pennwriters Conference.

But on Friday, the status of my manuscript changed from WIP (work in progress) to “Under Submission.” I’ve sent the fruits of my labor out into the world. And now the waiting begins.

On Saturday, with no revisions and no edits on my to-do list, I cleaned house. Egads, it needed it! Camping, writing, and conferencing had taken up all my time for the last three or four weeks. Hubby and I could leave notes to each other in the dust.

Sunday, I took a day off. Crashed on the couch with the newspaper. Went on a “hot date” with Hubby to Cabela’s followed by a belated anniversary dinner out.

I’m not used to being lazy. It was kind of fun.

But a little of that stuff goes a long way. Now I’m left with a touch of Empty Nest Syndrome. All of my make-believe friends have taken an extended trip to New York, and I’m left behind.

The question of NOW what will I do? lasted for about ten minutes. Then I looked at the to-do list that’s accumulated while I’ve been focused on polishing the manuscript. I have a bunch of catch-up work to do for Pennwriters. I have a growing list of story ideas for Pennsylvania Magazine for which I need to write queries. My website needs a complete overhaul. And there are a few short story ideas in a file somewhere that need to be fleshed out.

And another novel is rattling around inside my brain.

Maybe my nest isn’t all that empty after all.

Happy Memorial Day!


Mason Canyon said…
Seems like there is always something waiting to be done. But taking some time off is good.

Happy Memorial Day.

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