Do Not Disturb: Writer Writing

I’m actually writing! Thoroughbred Times has an annual short fiction contest and the deadline is December 31. I’ve been thinking about entering. Unfortunately, just THINKING doesn’t provide me with a story to submit. Yesterday, I started brainstorming ideas and came up with a seed. I don’t have a real solid idea on what the story is about, but I’m honoring my fellow writers who are taking part in Nanowrimo this month by just WRITING. Let the words flow on the page and worry about details such as quality after there’s something there to work with.

So I’m writing.

I’m also blogging over at Working Stiffs today, doing a little reminiscing about my earliest efforts at crime solving. I was eleven at the time. Come on over.


Kristine said…
Congratulations!!! I'm glad you're back into the groove of writing again. Maybe now those voices in your head can stop badgering you.

I've also been getting some work done the past few days. I'm trying to take advantage of every snippet of time I have between now and the big day.

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