Home for the Holidays

After over three months of bouncing back and forth between Allegheny General and the Washington Health Center, my mom is finally home today. (Sound the trumpets, release the confetti!)

I stopped talking about it after her discharge date was postponed for the second time. But now that she’s back in her house, I can breathe.

Not that it’s all smooth sailing from here on. She’ll be on a walker for another month. She’s weaker than she thought she’d be. But I’m happy to run back and forth to her house two doors away to help out. Much easier than driving an hour or more to Pittsburgh or even twenty minutes to Washington.

The house missed her. I can’t believe how many things have stopped working. Two clocks quit. Not just in need of new batteries…the clocks DIED. The kitchen faucet had sprung a leak, which has been fixed. The shower curtain rod fell down…also now repaired. The toilet wasn’t running too well, but seems to have corrected itself after a few flushes. However, the hot water tank is now on the fritz. I just finished helping Mom wash her hair with water I heated on the stove. Just like camping!

We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family. It will be one of the sweetest holidays I’ve had for a while.

And by the way, I'm posting over at Working Stiffs today. We're having fun with shopping for the holiday meal. Come over and join us!


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