In Search of a Rut

Now that Mom is home, I’ve decided that I want to dig myself a rut.

Most folks might consider being “stuck in a rut” to be a bad thing. But when you’ve been on the roller coaster ride I’ve been on for the last year, a nice, reliable rut sounds like a good thing (apologizes to Martha Stewart). I even have my “dream rut” all worked out. It goes something like this:

6AM-8AM: Rise and shine, exercise/yoga/meditation, check email, blog, get dressed and eat breakfast

8AM-9AM: Check on Mom, get her breakfast and whatever else she needs for the morning


Noon-1:30PM: Eat lunch, get Mom her lunch and whatever else she needs for the afternoon

1:30PM-3:30PM WRITE

3:30PM and on: Fix supper for us and for Mom, make sure she has her evening pills, etc…

Evening: crash with a good book

In theory, this is do-able. In reality…HA!

It works! On paper.

You see, I didn’t figure in the visiting nurse, helping Mom with showering, or picking up prescriptions and groceries. Nor did I calculate in veterinary appointments or chiropractic appointments for myself (desperately needed at the moment). Plus there are those two nights each week of teaching yoga. And time spent with hubby.

This morning, I’m doing something I haven’t done in AGES. I’m teaching a private yoga class. I love doing them, but you can see my problem. Time.

Ah, well. So I blow off this morning and cling to the hope that I may forge some time for writing this afternoon. And tomorrow morning. And Thursday…I am nothing if not an eternal optimist. And determined. I succeeded in spending most of last Friday morning writing and I felt so much better. I cleared the jumble of voices from my head and stuck them on paper. Okay, computer screen…same difference. But those voices are back. I know where the story goes next. I just have to write it. I need to stick myself in that rut and stay there.

At least until the visiting nurse shows up.


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