Starting Over

Mom made it through yesterday’s surgery. My brother and I set up camp in the tenth floor waiting room of Allegheny General…a room I’ve become much too familiar with. He read a David Baldacci novel (Last Man Standing) between naps. I read Laura Lippman’s The Last Place. When we noticed the common theme of our reading choices, we agreed that we hoped this was also the LAST hip surgery Mom would need.

The prognosis is good. Dr. Ray doesn’t think she will dislocate again, though being a smart man, he admits to making no promises. She shouldn’t need the brace anymore, but will be on a walker for another six weeks. We can live with that. She will be in the hospital until the end of the week. After that it’s anybody’s guess.

I had an interesting drive home. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in the city on a night when the Steelers were playing Monday Night Football before or not. I rather think not. Perhaps last night’s festivities were kicked up because of the presence of the Steelers’ All-Time Team including many of the greats from the ‘70s. Or perhaps this is what it’s like every time our beloved Steelers play on Monday night. Every little parking lot around the North Side had been transformed into Tail-Gating Party Central. There was raucous music blasting in spite of the steady downpour. Hoards of fans crossed Fort Duquesne Boulevard at every light. Booths were set up on every corner selling Terrible Towels and assorted other Steelers paraphernalia. Street musicians played solos for the crowds. It was definitely a festive atmosphere. I wished I hadn’t been so exhausted. I’d like to have joined in.

I’d also liked to have attended my Sisters in Crime meeting last night at Mystery Lovers Bookshop. Timewise, I could have made it. Energywise, it wasn’t in the cards. My last cup of coffee was preparing to wear off and I knew I’d better not be on the road when that happened.

So, now we start over with the hospital physical therapy and then…who knows. I don’t think we’re all the way to “square one.” At least the bone grafts have healed nicely as well the fracture she incurred during the first surgery back in August.


Joyce said…
Glad your mom is okay.

I wish you would have stopped last night. Mary Alice had plenty of coffee!
Annette said…
Oh, my, Joyce, I had soooo much coffee yesterday, I think any more caffeine would have eaten a hole through my stomach.

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