Craving Cabin Fever

I seem to have heard rumor that writers live solitary lives, alone with their computer (or typewriter or pen and paper). They never get to socialize. They become hermits.

Notice the use of “they” rather than “we” even though I am one.

I long for solitude. I dream of staying home all day long and holing up in my self-proclaimed cave (my tiny office). No human contact. Just me and Skye kitty and my writing.

Instead, here is a sampling of the last two weeks:

Monday, Nov. 3: AM appointment for yearly mammogram, PM Sisters in Crime meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 4: AM meeting with insurance agent, PM appointment for dental cleaning

Wednesday, Nov. 5: Teach yoga

Thursday, Nov. 6: Take Mom to eye doctor then teach yoga

Friday, Nov. 7: Take mom grocery shopping

Saturday, Nov. 8: Work as proctor at the police recruits’ written exam. See post at Working Stiffs

Sunday, Nov. 9: Attend memorial service for Linda Gilson

Monday, Nov. 10: Attend Citizens’ Police Academy

Tuesday, Nov. 11: AM teach yoga, PM attend Pennwriters meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 12: Teach yoga

Thursday, Nov. 13: Teach yoga

Friday, Nov. 14: Take Mom grocery shopping

Now you can see why I crave a little quiet time. Yes, I worked on my WIP between appointments and meetings. Yes, I worked on the Pennwriters Conference, too. But as for retreating to my cave for extended periods of creativity? HA!

Which brings me to today. I am going NOWHERE today. No appointments. No meetings. No classes.

Unfortunately, probably no writing either. Well, maybe just a little.

What I will be doing is cleaning and decluttering my house. My office especially needs the decluttering part. I’d post “before” pictures, but my Internet, while functioning better than a few weeks ago, still balks at uploads. Besides, I don’t need the stress of being required to then post “after” pictures, just in case there isn’t much difference between the two.


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