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My problems with the Internet have continued. While it seemed for a time, the problem was fixed, another spike in my usage led me to search for other sources and solutions to the problem. Basically, I went over the head of the Techy Guy who had been helping me to speak with Techy Girl.

Techy Girl discounted almost everything that Techy Guy had told me. It would appear the problem was NOT with the neighbor’s kid tapping into my wireless router to download movies. (Techy Guy told me the problem was with downloads…NOT anything I’d been putting online.) Techy GIRL informs me just the opposite is the problem. I’m fine with my downloading numbers. It’s UPLOADS that are killing me.

Uploads. As in photographs. As in new digital camera with large, sharp, lovely photographs. Photographs that I posted here of Bouchercon. Granted, most of those were posted from the hotel in Baltimore, but not all. Plus I’d posted those same photos at my Facebook page.

Then there were the pictures I’d taken at the horse show and sent to my friend. Plus pictures taken at my brother’s birthday party that I’d sent to family members.

New camera equals new toy. And I was playing with it and sending the results all over the place.

Yep. The problem was not the neighbor kid. It was me.

Apologies to the neighbors. Although, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t blame them. If I could have latched onto a stray Internet signal, I’d have grabbed it, too.

Anyhow, Techy Girl says I should not upload any pictures for a month to let the system clear out. Unless I take the laptop to Panera and do my uploading on their dime.

And when I do upload and email photos, I need to resize them so they don’t gobble up all my allotted Internet space.

Lesson learned.


Anonymous said…
Hi Annette,
I told you so! It's not the camera, it's the operator. Get thee Photoshop Elements or similar editing software and scale down your photos. A size of 500 pixels on the long side and low quality is good enough for the Internet.
Annette said…
Yes, you did, Doris. And I even mentioned the new camera to the Techy GUY, but he assured me that wasn't the problem. HA.

I do have software that can do the resize. I just now have to use it.

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