History in the Making

I have avoided politics like the proverbial plague in recent months and weeks. The ads and the phone calls only served to raise my stress levels. I didn’t want to talk about it. I was firm in my beliefs, so speaking with someone who agreed was merely singing to the choir. And if the person to whom I was speaking DISAGREED with me, they inevitably attempted to sway me to their side.

Eight years ago, I lost faith in the American people. Or the Electoral College. I’m still not sure which. But when the masses elected a president based more on how likeable he was instead of his intelligence, I’m sorry. It left me feeling scared. And that fear has clung to me through the last eight years. Especially when it happened again four years ago.

But my faith in America has been restored. Yes, Sara Palin is cute and I might like to hang out with her on a trip to Alaska. I don’t think she’s ready to be president. The fact that I disagree with her politics is secondary.

John McCain is a good, honorable man. I just can’t deal with republican policies for four more years.

And so, history has been made. I wept tears of pride as I watched the returns last night. And I slept a peaceful sleep after watching Obama’s speech.

What happens next is anybody’s guess. I know the republicans held high hopes eight years ago when Bush took office. That didn’t go so well. Hopefully, the next four years will be better. The key word there is HOPE. Of which I currently have lots.

And to all my republican friends and family, I do know how you feel. I hope (there’s that word again) that everyone can put aside their differences and pull together.


By the way, I’m over at Working Stiffs today being totally UNpolitical and blogging about colorful characters.


Kathleen said…
I'd love a trip to Alaska, but I wouldn't stop by Wasilla or the governor's mansion to to say, "Hi ya!" to Sarah. "You bettcha."

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