Too Darned Busy

I’m having one of those weeks when I have to make an appointment to take a good breath. How many times have I promised myself that I will NOT overbook my life? And yet, once again, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

And just when I need to be able to accomplish things in a speedy fashion, I once more have Internet issues to deal with.

If you hear screaming coming from Washington County, Pennsylvania, it’s only me.

So this little blog post is simply intended to explain why I have no real blog post today. I did, however, work on my manuscript. A little. Enough to have written myself into a corner. Oh, well. I have a long drive this evening into the city for a Sisters in Crime meeting. Being stuck in traffic is prime plotting time.

As for tomorrow…GET OUT TO VOTE. I’m sick to death of all the political crap, so I won’t try to tell you WHO to vote for (even though I have very strong opinions on the matter), but do vote.


Sara said…
Awww! Thanks for 'Blog List'-ing me! How embarassing!
KL Grady said…
Hi, Annette! It's KL from FiveScribes. I just found a book and thought of you - Writing the Fire: Yoga and the Art of Making Your Words Come Alive. Since I'm a book addict, I purchased it, but I wanted to know if you've read it and what you think of it. I tried Googling your blog and this title but came up empty, so if you've already commented on the book, I apologize for clogging up your comments section here. :)
Annette said…
Hi, KL! No, I have not read that book. I will definitely have to add it to my list. Sounds fascinating.

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