Gadget Meltdown

Is Mars in retrograde? I know Mercury WAS last month. When all my Internet woes began. So I have recently developed a belief in these things. Mercury in retrograde means poor communications.

Of course, it went OUT of retrograde weeks ago and I still struggle to access my email. Note to self: call Tech Support AGAIN this morning.

But which planet controls household appliances and electronic devices?

One by one, my appliances are going belly-up. First, the external hard drive I bought quit after three days. I returned it to the store, got my money back and decided I didn’t really need something else to create stress in my life. The TV is virtually on its last leg. It shuts itself off several times before finally staying on. One day very soon (possible today) it isn’t going to come back on.

Saturday, my vacuum cleaner started emitting a burnt-rubbery odor and then stopped. Hubby may have fixed it, but I have my doubts that the repair will last through the holidays.

Yesterday morning, the Hot Shot sprung a leak. In case you don’t know what a Hot Shot is, it’s a small gadget that heats one cup of water at a time for tea or hot cocoa or other instant beverage. We’ve worn out a half dozen of them over the years. We had purchased a spare years ago when we heard Sunbeam had discontinued production and had it stored in its box in the closet. We’ve now put that last Hot Shot in service. I found this ad online, so apparently they are still available. When this one dies, we won’t be stuck using a tea kettle after all.

The toaster hasn’t been functioning right for a long time. It burns EVERYTHING unless you keep a very close eye on it. I had a charcoaled English muffin for breakfast yesterday. But it still works, so I’m not ditching it yet. I simply have to keep an eye on my muffins.

With the economy in such dire straits these days, I wonder if my gadgets are all conspiring to help give sales of appliances a boost.


Joyce said…
I bought this toaster yesterday:

Only the handle broke on the old one that had to be 15 years old, but I figured that was a good excuse to replace it!
Sara said…
Are you sure you don't have poltergeists? Or some kind of gremlin?
Annette said…
Joyce, only 15 years old??? That's pitiful. They just don't make 'em like they used to. LOL.

Sara, it does make you wonder, doesn't it?

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