More Parties

I had planned to post more pictures of more parties. But I left my camera at my friend Joyce’s house after the Sisters in Crime Christmas lunch she so graciously hosted. And I was not drinking. I don’t need to drink to suffer brain farts. Maybe drinking would help.

Probably not.

I even had a major brain fart with regards to which party was when this weekend. After spending all day Saturday working as a proctor for another civil service exam in Pittsburgh (see tomorrow’s Working Stiffs) and then doing some Christmas shopping at Mystery Lovers Bookshop, I returned home with dreams of a hot bath and a quiet evening at home.

“Aren’t you going to the party?” Hubby asked.

“That’s tomorrow,” I replied.

“No. It’s tonight.”

I double checked the online newsletter. “Crap,” I said.

So I did a quick make-up touch-up and changed into dressier duds and off we went to the Washington County Buckskinners Christmas Party. What I thought was party number three of the weekend, turned out to be party number one. It was fun. I took lots of pictures. They’re in my camera. At Joyce’s house.

The second party of the weekend was the Sisters in Crime lunch. At Joyce’s house. Where my camera is. I took lots of pictures there, too.


It was a wonderful party. At one point I found myself sitting there basking in the camaraderie and thinking what a terrific group of intelligent, funny, interesting, well-read woman this was and how blessed I felt to be a part of them.

Did I mention what good cooks they all are, too? Oh. My. God.

I had to leave the party early in order to make it back for the Open House at the Washington branch of Shanti Om Yoga Studios. I’d never been to the new studio before. It’s beautiful. And it was nice to mingle with our students and the other teachers and the new teacher trainees.

I have no pictures. My camera was back at Joyce’s house.

By the time I made it home, I was partied out. And my jeans were too tight. Partying is hard work.


Joyce said…
Ha! Maybe I should hold the camera hostage...

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