Weekend Chores

My appointment book is blank for the next three days. How did THAT happen? Oh, I have plenty to do. But nowhere to go.


I have high hopes of accomplishing things around here.

Remind me of that when Tuesday rolls around and all I’ve achieved is catching up on sleep and updating my status on Facebook.

As I write this, hubby has a major canning project going on in the kitchen. It involves meat, so this vegetarian is staying out of his way. But this afternoon I’ll have to clean up his mess. In the meantime, I can clean and de-clutter the rest of the house.

Actually, it will only LOOK like I’m cleaning and de-cluttering (and doing laundry). That is only a cover. What I REALLY will be doing is planning a new short story.

Months ago I signed up to submit to a new anthology being compiled by the Guppies (Great Un Published) of Sisters in Crime. I knew I’d be frazzled with the upcoming 2009 Pennwriters Conference (registration opens January 2nd!!!), but I also knew it was a wonderful opportunity. And being conference coordinator makes me insane. Writing and yoga bring me back to earth.

I haven’t written any new pages on the novel for days because the conference has taken up so much time. So I think I’ll continue to put it on hold until I make some progress on the short story.

Stay tuned.


Sara said…
Now, I hope you didn't jinx yourself by saying you had nothing to do for 3 days.
'Fingers' in the kitchen? You're being a better sport about Man Mess in the kitchen than I would be.
I hope you have some good productive time! (I managed to NOT clean my room yesterday :) )

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