Procrastinator at Work

It’s Monday. Hubby is off at the family’s hunting camp. Skye and I are enjoying a little solitude. And Skye is taking full advantage of extra bed space. How can one small cat fill up so much of a queen-sized bed? I’m not complaining. She’s warm. Having her lie across my legs is better than an electric blanket.

I have a long to-do list sitting in front of me. I’m as bad as the kid who waits to do her homework on the bus in the morning. Everything on my list must be done TODAY. Two items should have been done YESTERDAY. At some point, procrastination must come to an end.

Holidays always do this to me. Taking one day off to spend with family is acceptable. But it leaves a lingering sense of laziness. You need another day to recover from the food hangover. Saturday, I was a busy little bee, but what I was busy at was housecleaning. Hubby had left the building, so I quickly dusted and vacuumed with the thought it might stay this way for a few days.

Yesterday? I have no excuses. I SHOULD have done some of today’s work yesterday. But that lingering laziness kicked in. Plus I had a meeting with a friend for coffee planned mid day. I rationalized that I didn’t have time to get any big projects started. Besides, the coffee meeting was actually a brainstorming session to make a plan of action for promoting the conference. So it wasn’t like I was a complete slacker.

But I’m paying the proverbial piper today. What didn’t get done is still on the list. Along with everything else that I can put off no longer.

So don’t expect to hear from me much today. I am working.


Kathleen said…
I hope you've been able to make progess. Thanks for the card - very funny! :-O

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