What Day is It?

The problem with Christmas falling on a Thursday is that now I don’t know what day it is. Wednesday was Friday. Thursday was Sunday. Yesterday? I don’t know what yesterday was. I’m not sure about today either.

Besides the confusion over the day of the week, I’m confused over time of the year. A few days back, it was three degrees in the morning and didn’t climb out of the teens. Today, it’s 66 degrees outside, flirting with 70.

Is it any wonder I’m confused?

At least the heat wave has given me an opportunity to walk off some of those cookies.

And I may not know for sure what day of the week yesterday was, but Hubby and I took advantage of it and ventured out to buy our new TV. Just in time. The last few times we turned on the old one, we had to turn it on about ten times before it STAYED on.

Here’s a picture of the new set.

(Yeah, I'm still on an Alias Smith and Jones kick.)

I find myself standing in front of it, just staring at it. Reminds me of getting new eye glasses and suddenly realizing how bad your vision was before.

I wonder if the Steelers will look any better on the new TV tomorrow.

Tomorrow IS Sunday, isn’t it?


Kathleen said…
I know how much you love your Steelers and you will have a great time watching them today! Make some good munchies and you & hubby have a party! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Hi Annette,
years ago, when hubbie was watching the world series, I wanted to watch something on PBS and of course couldn't. Next Christmas, he surprised me with a 14" TV. The colors and crispness just blew us away and we realized that our old TV was just that, old. Imagine watching "Lord of the Rings" on a 14" TV! That was the most expensive gift I ever got because a year later, we went out and got a new "main" TV.

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