Party Animal

I don’t run with a partying crowd. Usually, the only parties I attend are birthday parties for the grandnephews and grandnieces. But it’s THAT time of year again. Christmas Party Time!

Already, I’ve attended two. Both involved Pennwriters. Both involved book exchanges.

(Buy books for Christmas gifts this year! Better yet, buy them here.)

I was “in charge” of the first one. We hold it every year at Tambellini’s. The food is good and reasonably priced. And they don’t throw us out when we do our book exchange and swap. After you open your gift-wrapped book, you have the option to swap it for anything that’s already been opened. It’s all in good fun, but it has the potential to get rowdy.

I ended up with Dick Francis’ SILKS.

My friend Meredith Cohen organized the second one.

Bravo’s wisely stuck us back in a corner. We did the swap thing with the books at this one, too. I came away with Tana French’s Edgar Award Winner IN THE WOODS.

Let’s just say I’m very pleased with both new additions to my to-be-read shelf. Even if I did have to “steal” them to get them.

The party thing gets completely out of hand this Sunday. I have three. In one day. I need a clone.

The first one is with my Sisters. In Crime, that is. The second one is an open house at the yoga studio. The third one is for Hubby’s Buckskinners. Don’t ask me how I’m going to manage all three. I don’t know. But I’m going to try.

Anyone have any idea where I can buy a clone?


Sara said…
I like that your criteria for a venue is that the place won't throw you out. :)!
I've only got one party tomorrow. I don't envy you your three. Sheesh!
Kathleen said…
I had two parties last weekend, but no book swap. That sounds like fun!

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