God, grant me patience. And HURRY.

I am heading out into Retail Hell this morning for one last assault. If the TV I want has come down in price, I’m bringing one home. If not, that particular Christmas gift may turn out to be an AFTER Christmas gift. I also need to pick up a one-year service Tracfone card for my mom. And perhaps a new phone, too. She tried calling me on hers yesterday and it sounded pretty bad.

And then there’s my regular shopping that I must do in the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy.

Patience. I need patience.

As if the shoppers IN the stores aren’t crazed enough, when they get into their cars in the parking lot, they become NASCAR drivers, racing to their next shopping stop. Bumper cars are fun at the amusement park. Not so much in the Giant Eagle lot.

Patience is also required here in the Office of the 2009 Pennwriters Conference Coordinator. I think I’ll have a sign made up with that on it for my door. Goodness knows there’s more conference work going on in here than there is writing these days.

Online registration opens in two weeks and a day. January second. And one of my few editors backed out on me this week. So I’m just a little frantic trying to line up a replacement. Or two. Or three. I didn’t have a surplus of editors to begin with. I’ve been reminded by one of my sanity-restoring assistants that the fact that registration opens soon is not a deadline.

Well, damn it, I WANTED it to be a deadline. Finish one task, move on to the next. Not in the world of conference coordinating.

So I’ve formed a new and updated battle plan. I’ve created a new invitation list. I must keep plodding onward.

With patience.


Joyce said…
Annette, wait until after Christmas to get the TV. That's what we're doing. I've heard the prices are going to drop to half of what they are now. And if they don't, we don't have anything to lose.
Annette said…
Looks like that is exactly what we're going to do. Besides, I'm starting to lust after a slightly larger model. The longer I put off the purchase, the more cash I can set aside for it and the more I can afford. Heh heh.
Joyce said…
I just wish I knew what the heck to pick. I start reading the stats on those shelf tags and my eyes glaze over. I might just do eeny-meeny-miney-moe.
Annette said…
Joyce, stand off to the side and see if the picture still looks clear or if it looks foggy. I think that's a big consideration. Beyond that, those tags are all Greek.
Kathleen said…
I agree. Plan and plot for January discounts!

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