Diary of a Conference Coordinator: And So It Begins

It’s about to begin. The day has arrived.

Yesterday, I started out with a serious case of nerves. But once I was moving instead of just thinking, I calmed down.

The Fiction Intensive with Marty Johnson AKA Marta Perry went extremely well.

I managed to be there to introduce Marty and then went into moving man mode. Or moving woman. It only took two trips to get everything to the hotel. After stashing all those boxes in one of the board rooms, I was able to check in early and gather my wits.

This is our room before we trashed it with all of our stuff.

The afternoon was fairly quiet and I managed to pull off a power nap.

Pennwriters Board of Directors gathered for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Then they moved upstairs for a board meeting from which I was excused so I could rally the troops in the Hospitality Suite to set up for today.

Let me just say, I have a GREAT team. They make me look really good.

I’m sharing my room with my friend Nancy Schiller. We stayed up way too late gabbing.

Now it’s time to get this party started.


Sara said…
nice digs!
knitspun said…
Hiya Annette,

It was really nice to meet you. I love the pictures and the hotel was awesome. Had a really great time, would loved to have been there for the whole weekend but next year for sure.
Kathleen said…
Well done, Annette! The conference was great!

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