Diary of a Conference Coordinator: Monday

Moving day cometh

A year ago, as the 2008 Pennwriters Conference came to a close in Lancaster, PA, I loaded my car with boxes and boxes of stuff. A friend traveling alone loaded her car, as well. The contents of those two cars has resided in my tiny office ever since.

What kind of stuff?

Well, there’s a cash register, all sorts of office supplies, and several large boxes of Pennwriters merchandise (ball caps, t-shirts, tote bags, ceramic coffee mugs, etc.). A couple of the boxes appeared to have been around the state a few too many times, so I unloaded them into my office cabinet and tossed them into the trash.

In recent weeks, I’ve added to the box count. Ten boxes of Lisa Scottoline’s LOOK AGAIN are stacked in my living room...

...along with the two boxes of stainless steel-lined travel mugs I ordered as new merchandise.

Claustrophobia began to set in, so last week I moved some of the boxes from my office into the living room as well.

I either need a bigger house or I need to quit taking on jobs that involve storage.

Today, I begin the task of packing. I’ve secured new boxes for all the stuff in my office cabinet.

Everything goes. None of it is coming home with me. I’m turning it all over to Ayleen Stellhorn, 2010 Conference Coordinator. Yay.

And it’s not just the boxes of stuff that’s going. It’s the files and files and files I’ve accumulated on my computer in the last year. I plan to spend the day printing out hard copies of the most important documents and organizing them in a nifty file folder thing I purchased. Then I’ll burn a CD of all the rest. Sometime next month, I’ll delete the files from my computer and hang onto the CD. Just in case.

Oh, yeah. I need to pack my suitcases at some point, too.

To be continued…


Joyce said…
Just think how much bigger your house will seem after this weekend. It'll be like having a brand new place!
Sara said…
Oh man am I jealous of that found space you're about to get! You're about to get a huge feng shui boost!

Can I send some boxes of my stuff with you too? ;)
Annette said…
I know! I can't wait to reclaim my space.

Sara, you know what kind of car I drive. It's going to take three trips to get everything there as is.

Unless you want to loan me your SUV...
Ayleen said…
Is it too late to say no give-backs? ;-)

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