What if...

Ten days until freedom. The countdown is getting serious!

I’ve been alternating between moments of euphoria (registration is going well, problems are small, we’re almost there, I’ve built it and it looks like they’re coming) to moments of blind panic (I’ll never get everything done in time, too many last minute details to wrap up, what if, what if, what if…).

Face it—writers make a career of imagining the worst possibilities. WHAT IF is the seed for all we do.

With this last week of conference prep looming over me, I’ve come up with material for several epic novels. It doesn’t help that some of my friends on the Pennwriters e-loop seem to be plotting murder and are discussing places to hide bodies at the hotel. All in good fun, of course.

I hope.

Put a bunch of writers together, especially mystery, suspense, or horror writers, and you’re going to get some scary-sounding conversations. Just yesterday I caught myself laughing about how I was going to snuff someone who’s been giving me grief. I meant IN MY NEXT BOOK. Don’t mess with me or you’ll end up a victim in my next story. But it occurred to me that others in the coffee shop where I was having this murder plot discussion might not know I was a writer and my villainy is totally fictional.

Well, no one called the cops, so I guess I’m safe for the moment.

The euphoria returns as I realize that in ten days, I can focus all that “what if” creativity on my writing once again.

The Pennwriters Conference is May 15-17 at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Lisa Scottoline is our Friday night keynote speaker. I definitely suggest online registration at this point. Click here to learn more.


Sara said…
it's comforting to read about how busy you are...misery loves company. :)
To be a fly on the wall around all you writers, lol.
and I'd say it would be cool to have a character based on you. even if it meant you'd end up dropped down an elevator shaft or stuffed in an unsuspecting hotel patron's trunk or... ha! that is fun!
Annette said…
Sara, you have a delightfully evil mind. I think you'd fit right in with the rest of us mystery writers.
Sherry said…
Annette, I am having problems with the principal at my kids' school. So if Pennwriters actually need someone to off . . . Well, maybe in some book later in my career!

You are doing an awesome job with the conference. I can't wait!

cubbies08 said…

I saw on "Working Stiffs" you've been known to take mental health days. I'm a reporter in Chicago Illinois looking for individuals who have taken these days to interview. If you could, please e-mail me at timothy.bearden@loop.colum.edu. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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