Does this picture make me look fat?

Yesterday, my friend Doris Dumrauf pointed out to me that I really need to replace my author photo. She wasn’t telling me anything I don’t already know. Yes, it’s not the sharpest image in the world. The original was a full-body shot that, quite frankly made me look FAT. But last year, I taught that workshop in Twinsburg, Ohio and discovered they had lifted a picture of me from my website for their promotional materials. A picture that showed me at Mountaineer, wearing my barn coat and ball cap, but NOT wearing a stitch of makeup.

At that point, I KNEW I needed an author photo sooner rather than later. Cropping the fat picture into a headshot was the best solution I could come up with. Okay, one side of it’s a little burnt out from the sun. It was never intended to be permanent. I’ve always planned to replace it with something better.


According to Doris, eventually should mean now.

She’s right, of course. But I really hate the whole process of getting my picture taken. I’ve always planned to have a professional one made once I sell something substantial.

I’m still waiting.

That isn’t a good excuse, though. My husband and I used to be professional portrait and wedding photographers. Back then we had all the equipment: Backdrops, strobes, high-priced cameras, light meters…

We sold the studio and now only have a couple of dinky digital cameras with built-in flashes.

Still not a good excuse.

The fact, plain and simple, is that I do not photograph well. I remember years ago, when I was young and cute, a local photographer nagged at me to pose for him. (NO, not in the nude. Don’t be ridiculous.) I finally gave in and after he looked at the proofs, he scowled and announced, “You really aren’t photogenic, are you.”


But I do need a new picture. I’ve informed Hubby of his new assignment. He has big ideas. I don’t like any of them. “What kind of picture do you want?” he asked.

“One that looks like me, only gorgeous and sexy.”

Oh, well.

“What do you want it to say about you?” he asked.

Okay, he’s got me stumped on that one.

Basically, I want a photograph that doesn’t make me cringe. Is that asking too much?


Stay tuned to see how it goes.


Sara said…
lol! That one definitely doesn't make you look fat!
Maybe you and Admiral riding off into the sunset? :)
Annette said…
I don't know about the riding off thing, but I'm seriously considering having Admiral share the photo with me. He's such a handsome bugger.

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